4 reasons why GeoHistory Map is  EASY, INTERESTING and FUN to USE


Simply type in a topic of interest and the relevant events will be displayed in the interactive timeline and map. Click on any event or map pin to unveil animations, event descriptions, educational videos and images that will make your history learning experience easy, interesting and fun.

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ADD events to customize content

In Edit mode, you can add new events, complete with event information, interesting icons, videos, and images. You can also animate your event by tracing its movement on a map! Add your new event to an existing theme or your own curated theme for easy presentation.

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Use search filters to draw up historical data across time and space and merge them into a single timeline and map for easy analysis. You can use date, population type, and event type filters to refine search results and also combine different filters to discover relationships between events.

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YOURS to create

Create your own thematic map that includes only the events you want to teach. Share the map with your class so students can explore and compare the information between events to find links that answer broader questions about history. Geohistory Map supports self-directed learning both in the classroom and at home.

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