Paper Map Posters

All paper maps include

– Bilingual Map (French and English)
– Map size: 27 inches x 39 inches, 100 lbs offset paper
– Water resistant
– Full Colour
– Name and dates when settlements and forts were founded
– Major Expeditions
– Who won/lost battles
– Major Military Movements
– Signed Treaties

History of the First Nations, to 1867

The map of the First Nations is the story of the first nations in North America from the first arrivals to 1867. The goal of this map is to see population movement and events that define the First Nations in North America. This unique map tells the story of the First Nations, presenting many facts that might not be commonly known!

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History of New France, from 1534 to 1763

The map of the History of New France is the story of the French arrival in North America and their struggle to keep control of a vast continent. But as war breaks out from one part to another of the French territory, slowly the French must eventually concede control of this territory to the British.

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History of the Birth of Two Nations, from 1763 to 1867

The map of the Birth of Two Nations is an amazing story of two nations hidden as precious gems in the ground. To reveal these gems will cost of millions of lives. From one war to another, from one conflict to another, these two countries, the United States of America and Canada, will emerge as two nations forever intertwined in their history.

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Historical Map Collection

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